Press | Magenta Foundation review of In The Making, featuring Overtone, March 2, 2015

Bart Gazzola reviews In The Making for Magenta Magazine:

One of the strongest works in the exhibition, Brendan McGillicuddy’s Overtone, exemplifies this, reinterpreting Sol LeWitt’s drawing Isometric Projection #13 into three dimensional space. LeWitt proclaimed that “the idea becomes a machine that makes the art.” But the fractures that must be filled between the idea and its realization are what make McGillicuddy’s work – and others, like Mackenzie Kelley-Frère or Hyang Cho – much more than simply their means of construction. Overtone is hand-made and delicately constructed out of solid cherry wood as machine fabrication would fall short, offering an interesting example of the conversation – or sometimes the argument – between “the conceptuality and materiality of sculpture.”