Exhibition | Electric Lab, Exit Art Gallery, New York

September 20- November 17, 2007
Opening Thursday September 20, 7-10pm
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Electricity is one of life’s most fundamental forces; it courses through our bodies and powers our computers. Today, the shortage and high cost of electricity is a pressing issue. The rethinking of energy production and consumption is imperative as we face depleted natural resources, environmental damage, and exponential population growth.

Electric Lab is dedicated to experimentation and art-making practices within the ranges of electricity. Artists were asked to suggest new ways to access electricity and explore its power. This exhibition is inspired by and dedicated to the scientist Nicola Tesla, who desired free access of electricity for all.

400,000 Volt Coyote and Choral Riser III works will be on display during the exhibition.

Time: 400,000 Volt Coyote at 0:38
Choral Riser III at 1:04